Whatever day of the week, we offer hearty and prepared with the utmost care by our courteous and friendly staff lunches.

cooking workshop chief tarik


- Cooking Management -

Experience Sharing, Cohesion and Usability.
Give a different flavor to your meetings.

Cooking as a company, organization, cohesion and team spirit are essential to achieve a collective work quality.
This workshop aims to identify individual potential validate the adaptability install each in its role and recognize the contributions of all.

It allows us to understand the mechanisms of functioning and cohesive team to empower everyone to improve group performance A great moment of conviviality.
This workshop is recommended to develop the cohesion and effectiveness of your team by inviting your employees to invest around a common goal Under the guidance of the chef and his team, participants must work together to develop a menu that then all will taste.


Create cohesion, improve human relations, work as a team while respecting individual…
It is also that the kitchen !
We offer you to live your employees a memorable through the achievement of food.
Groups of 8 to 10 people, we offer a basket with which the entire team will make a meal.

The winning team will be elected: chefs of Chiefs »
Surrounded by an experienced working alongside Chef cook TARIK, the team makes a meal with a basket of food that is given at the beginning of the activity.
We provide everything necessary to the achievement of food equipment: Kitchen utensils, containers and equipment.

Each participant receives a siglé apron.
We also put at his disposal plates and containers for food preparation.
After the tasting, the team is judged on the food presentation made, the taste, the spirit of cohesion and understanding developed during the activity.
The challenge lasts 2 hours, during which our chefs are available to participants and submit them all the tips and techniques they need for their realization.


Organize a cooking class with your colleagues to strengthen the team spirit of your business.
Through this module 2h, you discover a group all aspects of fine dining under the advice of Chef.
After donning an apron, your team starts the cooking lesson by concocting several recipes and thus captures the tricks of great chefs and their techniques and tricks.
Who has never dreamed to discover the culinary secrets of a great chef, experimenting with spices, to learn all the little details that make grow the pleasure of cooking and taste?

Depending on the season, choose the theme of your cooking classes .


8:30: Arrive at collective Garden for breakfast Berber (Except the 4 participants selected for the trial biking distance to arrive at Potager 4KM.

First participant arrived at the right to choose his group ditto for the 2nd, 3rd to last arrived.
10h30: Masterchef Competition

Explanation of Rules of the Games and dishes already prepared and presented by Cher.
Rule 1: Each group should be divided into 2 groups according to the timing group participant / group coaching.

Duration of the competition is 1:30
Each group has a duration of 30 min for each spot.

12h30: End of competition + tasting dishes prepared by juries.
13:30 Lunch Served.
15.30: Departure to the second test seeking treasure.
17h00: Back to the Garden for a taste Berber.
18:30 Announcement of results of the tests by step + delivery Trophy for winning team and the awarding of certificates to all participants.
19h00: End of Team Building . practical information

Cooking classes offered apron + + recipes
8 to 40 people in the Vegetable Garden Organic Orty-CT
The cooking class is held all day as booking.