Whatever day of the week, we offer hearty and prepared with the utmost care by our courteous and friendly staff lunches.

cooking workshop chief tarik


Treat yourself to a rare and refined moment.

What better way to improve your kitchen in your own home, under the guidance of a professional chef trained TARIK? Take a private cooking class one-to-one or invite a couple of friends to join you in the group cooking lesson in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Our cooking classes three hours:

 are very "practical". What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand!
 are tailored to your tastes and cooking experience, from beginner to competent cook.
 happen in your home, using your equipment, making it easy for you to repeat after making dishes.
 include good quality ingredients that will make your head throughout the course.
 always include professional advice, technical and juicy insider stories from your leader!