Whatever day of the week, we offer hearty and prepared with the utmost care by our courteous and friendly staff lunches.

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Food Tours

Food, people, & Marrakech are a superb combination!
If you LOVE FOOD & TASTING, you want a local's look at the Marrakech food scene and a culinary adventure,
The best and tastiest way for understanding Moroccan Cuisine is to join our Tasting Marrakech walking tours for sampling local food.

Our walking tour is designed to introduce you to Marrakech diverse street food.
This tour will give you a chance to taste Delicious Marrakech street food and discover many market of Marrakech also allowing you a glimpse into the daily lives of Morocco.
You will also have a chance to taste some of world famous food during your tour.

Please do not have a big lunch if you are joining us in the evening.